CBD Oil For Cats - What You Need to Know

 CBD Oil For Cats

When I went to SuperZoo this year, one of the newest and hottest products was CBD oil for cats and dogs. It seemed like every where I turned, there was a different variation of CBD for our pets. CBD oil, water, treats, food, it seemed like it there was endless possibilities of this supplement.

If you do not know much about CBD, I wanted to share a few bits of information so that you are well versed in this new trend.

CBD stands for cannabidol. It’s found in medicinal marijuana in humans as well as hemp oil for pets. 

CBD can either be found in the marijuana (pass the blunt) or the hemp plant.

You may have heard of THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabidol and it’s the property of weed plant that causes you to get a little crazy.

If you give your cat straight marijuana (which usually contains THC), your cat will have similar psychoactive effects that you do.

We don’t want that.

We want the relaxing properties that come from CBD. 

Marijuana contains THC which causes you to feel high where CBD does the opposite of that.

CBD produces a non-psychoactive effect for our kitties so they won’t feel high when they take it.

Several of our cats take it for various reasons: Ginger for irritable bowl disease (IBD), Sarny for arthritis and Messi for anxiety.

CBD oil for cats can help with inflammation, pain management, IBD, arthritis and anxiety, just to name a few.

We give our cats the recommended dose based on their body weight via a dehydrated cat treat and we have found that has been the easiest way to give it to them.

CBD companies recommend giving the oil transdermal via gum tissue so that it's easily absorbed through the blood stream.

We don't recommend mixing it in your cat's food because CBD is exceptionally bitter and your cats will immediately taste it.

Of course, anytime you switch to a new food or homeopathic medicine, you should always ask your vet. 

Our local veterinarian has recommended it to us for our kitties, so make sure you get it cleared by them!

CBD Oil For CatsWe currently carry Petabis’s CBD 75 mg Oil for cats at Just Cats and you can find more information about CBD here.

Would you consider giving your cat CBD? If not, what are some of the reasons. We would love to hear from you!

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  • I started giving Hillz CBD after I noticed she her mood changed from happy outgoing kitty to a very shy, depressed girl after the introduction of a new kitty to the household. She even started suckling on herself due to the anxiety. I asked around and a friend recommended CBD made for specifically for pets. I gave it a shot. Little by little she came around. I’ve weaned her off it now that I have my girl back.


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