Feliway Feliscratch for Cats

Feliway Feliscratch Scratching Attractant for Cats

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If your cat scratches your furniture, walls or bedposts, she's probably using her sharp claws to tell the world, "this is mine!" As naturally territorial animals, cats need to claim their prized goodies for themselves—but, with Feliscratch Scratching Attractant by Feliway, you can help encourage your cat to keep her paws off your stuff. When your kitty digs her nails into things, she leaves more than just claw marks behind; she leaves "territory messages" for other cats, which tell them to buzz off. Feliscratch uses these territorial messages to encourage your cat to scratch where you want her to, like on her scratching post or cat tree. It's a simple solution to your damaged furniture, but your cat feels like she's ruling the roost. It's a win-win!

Key Benefits
  • Clinically tested Feliscratch can help redirect cats' unwanted scratching around the house by encouraging them to use scratching posts or trees instead.
  • Utilizes natural feline "territorial" hormones to attract cats to the objects you want them to scratch instead of your belongings.
  • Discourages newly adopted kittens from scratching the furniture and walls due to the sudden change in environment.
  • Encourages cats to use a new or previously ignored scratching post in the home.
  • During times of stress, it may also help to discourage destructive scratching caused by anxiety.