Moscato Pet Wine

MosCATo Cat Wine

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Pet beverages are the hippest and coolest new thing to hit the pet market. Made by Apollo Peak, cat wines are popular among the feline community. Some cats love it, some cats don't. Just like with humans, we all have a preference when it comes to our beverages. MosCATo, named after the famous white wine - Moscato is blended with a fine brand of catnip and beet juice. Super healthy and super natural for your kitty. Give it a try to see if your cat is into pet wines!

  • 1.6 fl oz. of cat wine
  • Local - from Golden, CO
  • Ingredients: Water, Catnip, Beet Juice, Sea Salt and Ascorbic Acid.
  • Note: Discoloration and sediment build-up may occur, this is normal.