Almo Nature Tuna/Chicken Variety Pack #3
Almo Nature Tuna/Chicken Variety Pack #3

Almo Nature Tuna/Chicken Variety Pack #3

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Variety is the spice of life, so treat your feline friend to this Almo Nature variety pack! It comes with 12 cans and four lip-smacking flavors—Pacific Tuna, Chicken & Cheese, Chicken Breast, Chicken & Liver. Each nutrient-rich recipe is crafted with the finest natural ingredients like real chicken, fish liver and cheese! Keeping sensitive sidekicks in mind, these limited ingredient diet formulas feature just three ingredients or less and they are completely free of grains and additives. And you'll be happy to know that every bite is made with High Quality Sourced (HQS) ingredients—a term used to describe fish or meat that was once fit for human consumption but is now solely used for pet food to help nourish your furry friend!

Key Benefits
  • Made with High Quality Sourced (HQS) ingredients, like chicken and fish that were once suitable for human consumption but are now only used to give your pet the high-quality meal he deserves.
  • Each variety pack contains 4 natural recipes—Pacific Tuna, Chicken & Cheese, Chicken Breast, and Chicken & Liver.
  • The limited ingredient diet formulas in this pack are crafted with just three ingredients or less.
  • Chicken or fish is listed as the very first ingredient for the high-quality protein your kitty needs to fuel her muscles.
  • Grain-free for sensitive felines and additive-free for the real nutrition your cat deserves.