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Cloud Nine Silver Vine For Cats

Cloud Nine Silver Vine For Cats

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Always wanted to try silver vine, but not really sure where to get it? The Cloud Nine Silver Vine cat toy is a perfect sampler of the plant that is more potent than catnip. Silver vine, a vine with beautiful flowers and fruit, is a plant that entices a small percentage of household cats. If your cat likes silver vine, they will be more excited than the basic catnip. 2 out of my 5 cats love this product and go bonkers for it. Made by Dezi & Roo, this Cloud Nine toy is a great start to see if your cat is into it!

  • Include a cloud toy that can be filled with catnip or silver vine.
  • A small container (5 g) of silver vine is included.
  • Non-toxic and is safe for all cats.
  • Spinkle a small amount on the cloud toy for some extra fun!