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Feliway Diffuser Plug-in (30 Day Starter Kit)

Feliway Diffuser Plug-in (30 Day Starter Kit)

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Recently adopt a new kitty or have a cat that is spraying or scratching our expensive furniture? The Feliway diffuser emits a pheromone that has a calming affect on cats. If your cat has behavioral issues, this product may help. The pheromone diffuser has proven results in 9 out of 10 cats based on clinical studies.
  • Size: 48 mL refill + Diffuser included
  • Covers up to 700 ft.
  • Clinically proven - #1 recommended brand by Veterinarians.
  • Helps with scratching, fears, changes, and urine spraying.
  • Great for spraying inside carriers for vet visits and travel.
  • Ingredients: F3 feline facial pheromone analogue (2%) and isoparaffinic hydrocarbon.