For Mew Nip Jar Catnip/Silvervine Blend

For Mew Nip Jar Catnip/Silvervine Blend

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The same ameowzing nip used in all For Mew toys can be at your finger tips.... er.... paw tips. You can refill their nip mats, revitalize a non-refillable toy or use it straight-up after a hard day of napping and world domination.

Packaged in an reusable, eco-friendly ethically made jar, reuse it for cat treats or human stuff, or as a planter for cat grass!

MEOW! TOY CATS NOT INCLUDED (they were just hired for the photos...)

Silver vine catnip blend. Certified organic nip grown in Washington and packaged by For Mew in Nevada.

1 ounce, ethically made reusable jar from sustainable sources.