From the Field Deluxe Purrfect Catnip Gift Set

From the Field Deluxe Gift Set

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Not sure what to get your cat nephew or niece for their birthday? What about a From the Field Deluxe Catnip gift set? This deluxe purrfect gift set includes two shelby the catnip mouses (both filled with catnip, one refillable), a catnip rejuvenator spray, a cork ball and 1/2 an oz of fresh catnip! The value of the set is $29 for only $19.99. 

  • Contents: Shelby the catnip mouse, Shelby the REFILLABLE catnip mouse, catnip spray bottle, cork ball, and 0.5oz of catnip leaf and flower.
  • Great gift for catnip lovers!
  • From the Field catnip products are all natural and organic. 
  • Made in Washington state.