Green Bean Catnip Toy - White Cat
Green Bean Catnip Toy - White Cat (back)

Green Beans Catnip Toy - White Cat

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Does your cat like batting around little toys such as mice, bottle caps, and or wads of receipts?  Then your cat will love this tiny Crisp called the Green Bean Catnip Toy. Made with all vegan products, the fabric is from recycled scraps of the Crisp toy and the inside contains recycled paper bits. This neat catnip toy is eco friendly! 

We are currently carrying two different styles of the toys. The front side has a different pattern than the back side.

  • Size: Approximately 3" x 3"
  • Materials: Fabric, catnip and recycled paper bits
  • Great for cats of all ages!
  • Your purchase supports local non-profit cat rescue groups.