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I Am Not Dog Hunting Feeder

I Am Not Dog Hunting Feeder

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Does your cat scarf and barf or do you find yourself away from home for long periods of time throughout the day? The solution is here! Doc & Phoebe's has created a product that allows your cat to act like their normal self! Cats are known to be hunters and not grazers and this amazing product allows just that. Place dry food in 5 of the provided mouse feeders and hide throughout your house. Watch your cat get into "hunt mode" and kill the mice for their daily food!

Works great for cats who are alone, are bored and/or stressed, scarf and barf their food, or have behavioral problems.

  • Comes with 5 feeder mice plus a training mouse!
  • The slips are machine-washable.
  • Add dry food and/or treats into each of the feeders.
  • Each mouse represents 1/5 of your cat's daily food intake.