Meowbiotics Kitty P. Freely Turkey & Cranberry Urinary Support Supplement Probiotics

Meowbiotics Kitty P. Freely

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Kitty P. Freely is a human-grade probiotic supplement formulated specifically for cat urinary tract health. Our product is Gluten Free, Grain Free, GMO Free, and Made in the USA.

Every scoop contains 1 billion CFUs of immune system supporting probiotics, plus antioxidant-rich cranberry extract and dandelion root.

Kitty P. Freely enhances renal function, promotes a healthy urinary tract and may reduce future occurrences. And with our delicious Turkey and Cranberry-Flavored powder, Fluffy will be giving thanks for the taste as well as the relief.


Kitty P. Freely will last your meowser an entire month!

Delivery Method: Just scoop the delicious probiotic powder for cats onto her food and 


One step closer to a healthy cat.