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The Basic Pack

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The Just Cats Pack is our exciting new product! The idea behind this product is to allow people to purchase a fun gift pack for a friend, a family member or even for a newly adopted kitty.

Each pack has four carefully selected fun items. And the best part, the box is an actual CAT SCRATCHER! Yes, you heard right. The pack itself is a toy for cats.

The box contains the following items:

  • Da Bee Cat Toy (value $10.00)
  • Wheatgrass Seeds (value $3.50)
  • Bag of Premium Treats (value $10.00)
  • Catnip Toy (value $8.00)
  • Cat Scratcher (value $10.00)

Total Value of The Basic Pack = $41.50


* If you do not want the Bag of Premium Treats, select "No Premium Treats" in the dropdown and we will replace it with another toy of equivalent value!

**Product will ship the week of December 4th for expected Christmas delivery. Email us at info@justcatsstore.com if you have any questions.