5 Fun Facts About Black Cats

Cats are cool, but black cats are even cooler. In honor of Halloween, I wanted to share 5 cool fun cats about black cats. Now without delay, here are the top 5 in my book:

1. Black Cats are Good Luck, Not Bad Luck!

Black Cat Hanging Our Outside

Back in the Dark Ages, black cats were viewed as evil so they were often killed. The superstitions carried on into the Salem Witch trials and even today, black cats are still viewed in some cultures as bad luck.

In Japan and the UK, seeing a black cat is actually considered good luck. When I was 10 years old, I saw an ad in the local paper regarding a litter of black kittens. I really wanted to adopt a kitty so I asked my parents and they were a little hesitant and said, "Well isn't he going to bring bad luck?". With my quick thinking, I actually convinced my parents that I read somewhere that they do the opposite - they bring good luck! So for 16 years, our black cat Pepper brought our family so much luck.

2. Black Cats Can Actually Help Your Love Life

Black Cat Hanging Out In a Garden

If you have recently been on Tinder, any man or woman holding a black cat should mean you may have found a good match!

Japanese tradition says that if a single woman possess a black cat, then they will soon find a suitor.

Also, old folklore says that if a newlywed has a black cat, they will live a long and happy life together. 

Someone get me an adoptable black cat, STAT!

3. There Are Over 22 Breeds of Black Cats

Black Cat Looking Very Regal

When people think of black cats, they immediately think of the domestic American short-haired that is featured in Sabrina - The Teenage Witch, for example, but actually, there are 22 cat breeds that have cats with black fur.

The Norwegian Forest Cat, Scottish Fold, Persian and the most popular, Bombay are breeds that have cats with black hair. 

4. Black Cats Are Naturally Sweet

Black Cat Hanging Out on Tree from Contempt Cat

I don't know about you, but the sweetest cats I've met have been black cats. Why? Because they know they get a bad rap sometimes and try extra hard to let us know that they are the best.

Paws up if you agree!

5. The Number One Costume For Halloween Is a Black Cat

Feral Black Cat Hanging Out in Outside Enclosure

The number one costume sold is not the sexy nurse or the inflatable dinosaur costume, but it's actually a black cat!

More black cat ears, mask, and tail costumes are sold every year than any other costume. How cool is that!?

I actually plan on being a black cat for Halloween this year....

So there you have it. 5 fun facts about black cats that you probably didn't know about - Happy Halloween!

And don't forget, November 17th is National Black Cat Day!

Photos courtesy of Maria Barreto.

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