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At Just Cats, we are all about providing cats and their people with high quality products. We have selectively chosen the best, high quality products for you and your felines. 

There are so many websites catered to felines and their owners, but there isn't a one-stop shop to purchase all of your feline needs. We were tired of seeing generic cat products at the big box stores and wanted to bring stylish, modern design to you.

Just Cats Mission Statement

We Give Back

At Just Cats, our goal is to teach the world about how to love and respect our feline friends. We want to provide the best products for them when it comes to their habitat, play time, and feeding time. 

We also want to be able to give back to the community and help cats in need. At Just Cats, we donate our time, money and resources to local and national rescue groups. Our team gives back by fostering, donating food and supplies, educating and advocating for more no-kill shelters.

Every purchase you make at Just Cats goes towards our mission and why we do this - to help cats! 

Your Support Helps Cats In Need

With every purchase, we have been able to help local cats in need. Whether it's  donating money, food or supplies to local cat rescues or by helping cats find in their forever homes, we couldn't have done it without your continued support.

Since we opened our physical store in March 2018, we have been able to find homes for 403 cats.


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About the Owner

In 2014, Nicole Kay started Just Cats Pet Sitting in Houston, TX. During this time, she thought about opening a pet supply store just for cats. It wasn't until 2018 and an open retail space on Craigslist, when Just Cats was born. As a minority, women, veteran-owned business, Nicole is all about taking risks in life and following your gut. Always a cheerleader for underdogs, Nicole takes in kitties that are often overlooked in shelters and rescues. She has fostered and found homes for kitties with FIV, FELV, behavioral issues and trauma, seniors and kitties with special needs such as kidney disease and epilepsy. Nicole feels every cat deserves a loving chance at a real home. She currently juggles 4 jobs, an urban farm with 20+ rescue animals and in her free time, enjoys driving in the mountains, cycling and craft beer.