Just Cats ~ Cat Cottage

The Just Cats - Cat Cottage is a 155 sq ft. adoption center located inside the Just Cats Store. The adoption center houses cats from a local rescue, the Animal Rescue of the Rockies.

Due to current COVID-19 social distancing requirements, if you would like to meet a cat inside the cat cottage, please send us an email at info@justcatsstore.com for an appointment.

Current Residents:

1.5 year old, male. Can be very chatty, especially around dinner time. He loves pets and head rubs, and gets very excited about breakfast and dinner!

Winston is a 3.5 year old, semi-feral, male. He is still very shy, but after a while, he does love getting the head scratches! Pippa is a 1.5 year old shy female that came here from Kansas. These two fell in love here, at Just Cats! You can catch them canoodling together on a daily basis.


Our 7 month old doesn't have the black cat personality that superstitions say. She's super lovey and is also very curious.



These beautiful babies are available for adoption, but are currently in local foster homes. If you are interested in adopting, please apply on the Animal Rescue of the Rockies website :


She is a 15 year old southern girl that absolutely loves to sleep on comfy blankets. She spends her afternoon in front of a space heater and loves to play like a kitten during the evening with her a favorite toy, the Da Rat. She recently had a blood test and is a very healthy senior kitty with no issues. She would be best in a quiet home by herself with no other animals.
Agent Paw Is a 9 year old Siamese boy that came from Houston. He has a clipped ear because he spent his entire life as an outside cat. One day, he walked right up to a high kill shelter asking for help. He was rescued by a local rescue and did well. He was recently diagnosed with a heart condition because his heart is enlarged. He easily takes heart medication medicine daily in his wet food and is a quiet soul. He likes to sit on your lap and be a companion. He is okay with quiet cats and dogs.