Just Cats - Cat Cottage

The Just Cats - Cat Cottage is a 155 sq ft. adoption center located inside the Just Cats Store. The adoption center houses cats from a local rescue, the Animal Rescue of the Rockies.

Current Residents:

1.5 year old, male. Can be very chatty, especially around dinner time. He lets you know that it's time to eat!


Aztec & Nikita:
These two arrived at Just Cats - Cat Cottage after being rescued from an alley. Nikita is super lovey and Aztec has been making herself more presentable than she used to.


2 year old, female. She is skiddish and doesn't like being around people that much, but, if she's taking a nap, or just woke up from one, she'll let you give her all the pets in the world. Watch your ankles at breakfast or dinner time because she will be RIGHT there! She'll vocalize that she's there though, don't worry.


7 month old, male. Starts off shy at first, but, once he warms up to you he gives you all the rubs on your ankles. 


5 year old, male. FIV+ and loves taking every nap that is possible. 


A 4 year old, female that is FIV+, who arrived here from Houston, Texas. Her daughter Tugboat, was just adopted from Just Cats a few months ago.


Winston & Pippa:
Winston is a 3.5 year old, semi-feral, male. He is still very shy, but after awhile, he does love getting the head scratches! Pippa is a 1.5 year old, female, that came here from Kansas and knew that we would fall in love with her adorable nose markings! 


 Magnolia & Hibiscus:
Our 7 month old, all black sisters that are a bonded pair. Hibiscus doesn't have the black cat personality that superstitions say. She's super lovey and is also very curious.



A 3 year old male, from Houston, Texas. He is very shy, but he's opening up little by little and occasionally he'll let you get a few pets in.


She has graced the world with her presence for 1 year. She is new to Just Cats. She is not a fan of being held, but does want everyone to pay attention to only her and pet her for hours! This spunky girl is partially blind and would do best going to a home that will be patient with her as she gets to know her environment and is allowed to play with her toy mice or tiny soft balls all the time.


Dustin & Evonne:
Black cats galore here at Just Cats! 7 month old, brother and sister. Evonne is a little more shy than her brother, Dustin. He likes getting all the attention and likes being held. Evonne does not mind being held and pet, but, she doesn't strive for attention like her needy brother.





Mary & Paul: