Just Cats ~ Cat Cottage

The Just Cats - Cat Cottage is a 155 sq ft. adoption center located inside the Just Cats Store. The adoption center houses cats from a local rescue, the Animal Rescue of the Rockies.

Looking to donate towards their care? You can here.

Due to current COVID-19 social distancing requirements, if you would like to meet a cat inside the cat cottage, please send us an email at info@justcatsstore.com for an appointment.

Current Residents: 

This gorgeous petite tabby girl is a little shy, but is really super sweet and playful, especially with her boyfriend Glen. They were fostered together and fell in love!


This handsome 2 year old tabby boy is one of a kind, and is paired with Huntress! He's super sweet but shy, and takes a while to warm up to humans. He loves to play, and is on the docile side. His signature move is sticking his tongue out whenever he can! He does love his kitty friends though, and loves his girlfriend Huntress.


Velvet is a sweet girl who is very shy, but is starting to slowly trust humans. She loves other kitties once she warms up to them, and would do best in an adult home with humans who can be patient with her and love her for who she is. She is about 1.5 years old, and is looking for that purrfect forever home! Probably best in a home with no dogs.


Oh, how this girl loves to be loved! She's looking for her purrfect human to give her all the attention she deserves! Tiger would do best in a quiet, adult home and be the only queen to her castle. She is about 4.5 years old, and is super sweet with the humans she meets. Especially the Just Cats crew!



Pajamas is a sweet and quirky calico girl who is good around other kitties, and is about 2.5 years old. As with all calicos, she has a bit of diva in her and will definitely let you know if you aren't feeding her quick enough!



This sweet, sweet boy came to us without a name, as he was abandoned and brought to us by a good samaritan. We had a naming contest and he was named after Elijah McClain. He's on the shy side, but very friendly and loves to give humans head bumps. We believe he is about 2 years old. He might do best as the only animal in a quiet household, but given the space will tolerate other kitties.


Endless hours of entertainment with these two! They are a seriously bonded pair, and are looking for the right humans to take them to their furrever home! They are about 3 years old, and the biggest cuddle bugs you'll ever meet. Val will want to jump on your shoulders and hug you all the time, and San will give you affection on her own terms.


We can't say enough about this goofball! He's a chonky tabby boy, who somehow lost his tail along the way, so he shakes it like a polaroid picture when he's excited. Loves his wet food, and gets along with with other kitties. We think he's about 5 years old, and had a rough start to life. But he loves scritches and pets from humans! 



Oh, sweet Ray. This buff orange tabby tuxie is very much the gentleman, but would do best as the King of his castle in a quiet, adult home. He loves humans, and wants all the pets and brushes. He's about 5 years old and wants to find his furrever peeps!


This 1.5 year old silver grey tabby will bring a smile to your face every day. He loves other cats and is very quirky and sweet. He will keep you entertained and melt your heart. Would probably do best in a home with other cats.


Evan the long-haired tuxie may look tough, but he's a big softie! Loves other cats and loves to play, he's about 2 years old and looking for his furrever home! Would probably do best adopted with another cat or adopted with other cat(s) in the home.


These beautiful babies are available for adoption, but some are currently in local foster homes. If you are interested in adopting, please apply on the Animal Rescue of the Rockies website :


This beautiful ginger boy has the sweetest and most loving energy, and is just looking to be loved and doted on for his retirement years. He is about 10 years old and is currently being fostered outside of the Just Cats ~ Cat Cottage.