Just Cats - Cat Cottage

The Just Cats - Cat Cottage is a 155 sq ft. adoption center located inside the Just Cats Store. The adoption center houses cats from a local rescue, the Animal Rescue of the Rockies.

Current Residents:

1.5 year old, male. Can be very chatty, especially around dinner time. He lets you know that it's time to eat!


5 year old, male. FIV+ and loves taking every nap that is possible. 


Winston & Pippa:
Winston is a 3.5 year old, semi-feral, male. He is still very shy, but after awhile, he does love getting the head scratches! Pippa is a 1.5 year old, female, that came here from Kansas and knew that we would fall in love with her adorable nose markings! 


Magnolia & Hibiscus:
Our 7 month old, all black sisters that are a bonded pair. Hibiscus doesn't have the black cat personality that superstitions say. She's super lovey and is also very curious.



A 3 year old male, from Houston, Texas. He is very shy, but he's opening up little by little and occasionally he'll let you get a few pets in.


Dusty & Boomer:
Two snuggle bugs that came to join us from Houston, Texas. Dusty is a 10 month old female and Boomer who is a female also is a year and a half.

Gorgeous chatterbox Zoey from Texas who has graced the world with her presence for 2.5 years. She loves to be held and rest her front paws on your shoulder.