Just Cats - Cat Cottage - Cat Adoptions in Denver, CO

Just Cats - Cottage - Cat Adoptions in Denver, CO
Adoptable Cats in the Just Cats ~ Cat Cottage | Just Cats
The Just Cats ~ Cat Cottage is a 155 sq ft. adoption center located inside the Just Cats Store.
The adoption center houses cats from a local rescue, the Animal Rescue of the Rockies.

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Due to current COVID-19 social distancing requirements, if you would like to meet a cat inside the cat cottage, please schedule an appointment here: BOOK CAT COTTAGE APPOINTMENT.

All appointments are limited to 15 minutes, and masks are required.
Upon arrival, please:
  • use the complimentary hand sanitizer provided at the front of the store before touching/petting any kitties, and after your visit
  • leave all bags outside the cottage door before entering
  • keep your mask on at all times, making sure your mouth and nose are covered
Miss Mackenzie is a rare ginger girl from Houston, with a side of shy and a helping of spice! She would thrive best with a human willing to be patient with her while she becomes comfortable in new surroundings. She does love her "Cat TV", watching the birds and squirrels, so she would love a window in her new home to watch the real thing! She would need to be the only cat in an adult home.
These two beautiful babies are 2 of 3 that came to us from a feral cat colony here in Denver. They were terrified when they first came to us, but after a lot of patience, love and TLC, they are learning to trust and accept love. Vinny is a curious and observant tuxedo and Janey is a beautiful orange tabby tux, and a little more shy and reserved. But they both rely on each other for comfort and cuddles! They would need patience and love, and a home that would let them adjust in their own time. They would also do best in a quiet adult home, or home with older children. They are around a year old.
These two beautiful babies came to us from Kentucky! They are the sweetest and fluffiest long haired tabbies you'll ever meet. They are incredibly bonded, so they must be adopted together. They are about a year old and love to play and snuggle together!
A very shy senior, Lily was abandoned by her family along with her sibling cats and human kids. A very sad story, Lily appeared to be very nervous and traumatized from her previous home. With a little TLC, the sweet girl has opened up and loves head scratches and treats. She also likes when we baby talk to her. A senior with a young heart, she would prefer a home where she can be the center of attention and be the princess she deserves to be.

Ahh, our little Biscuit man. He was rescued off the streets and came to us so dirty and skinny. Look at him now! We suspect he was someone's pet and was tossed onto the street to fend for himself because he's an older gentleman. Guesstimate is around 10. He makes us fresh biscuits all the time, and is very active and spry for his age! He also does well with other cats.




Miss Stella has been from foster home to foster home though no fault of her own, and deserves to find her forever home! She is around 10 years old and sweet as can be. She is on the shy, timid side, but She is ok with other cats and would do best in a quiet and calm home.



 Sir Pedro has gone from hood cat to king cat! He is the sweetest street kitty who loves to give attention and get it! He loves pets and being held, and loves his wet food! Would do best as the only pet in the home with lots of windows for cat TV!



Miss Midnight came to us because of improper urination in her home. After be taken to the vet by her guardian to be put to sleep, the vet asked a local rescue to help since the cause of her improper urination was due to stress and a UTI. This senior girl (10 years old) would be best in a quiet home with no small kids, cats and other animals. She would like to retire as someone's lap cat and enjoy the rest of her days watching birds and squirrels.


Just Cats - Cat Cottage (Midnight)


These beautiful babies are available for adoption, but some are currently in local foster homes. If you are interested in adopting, please apply on the Animal Rescue of the Rockies website :


The Just Cats ~ Cat Cottage