5 Reasons Why Wheatgrass Is Good For Your Cat

5 Reasons Why Wheatgrass Is Good For Your Cat - Just Cats Blog

Kitten in Grass Wheatgrass

Have you ever wondered why your cat is into eating your household plant or blades of grass when he/she goes outside? And then your cat vomits that piece of household plant or blade of grass that he or she just ate? Well we’ve wondered too and done the research to find out why our cats are into eating plants/grass, specifically - wheatgrass.

Sold at major pet supply stores for a whopping $6 bucks, plants of wheatgrass are a definite seller. Placed strategically near the checkout lines, cat parents around the country grab a pack and bring it home to their kitty. Cats devour the product and then a few minutes/hours later, they hurl it up. What gives? Is wheatgrass terrible for my cat? Not so much. Here are 5 reasons why wheatgrass is great for your cat:

Serves as a Natural Laxative

  • If you notice your kitty craving wheatgrass and chowing down on some natural grass blades, it’s their bodies way of cleansing itself. Just like when we crave a smoothie or a salad, it’s our bodies natural way of wanting some greens to help our digestive system.  This grass contains fiber and cellulose which promotes healthy digestion. Wheatgrass serves as a natural laxative for kitties and is one of the reasons why they regurgitate it after they eat it! 

Helps Remove Toxins

  • When a cat’s stomach starts to digest wheatgrass, it helps pull out all the bad toxins that can be found in your cat’s food and/or environment. So when they do regurgitate it, nasty toxins come up with it, keeping kitty happy and healthy. 

Provides Nutritional Value

  • Wheatgrass naturally contains Vitamins E & B. These vitamins are great for preventing serious diseases in cats.

It’s a Preventative for Serious Diseases

  • The vitamins found in wheatgrass helps prevent heart disease and cancer. It also promotes a healthy coat and strengthens their immune system. When cats chew on the blades, it provides great dental health and helps prevent tooth decay.

It’s a Tasty Treat

  • So not only does wheatgrass provide great nutritional value and helps their digestive system, it’s also a tasty treat. Cats love snacking on this plant and if you grow your own, you can be sure that it’s free of pesticides and chemicals which can be found in plants sold in stores or on your lawn.

Does your cat like chewing on wheatgrass? What do you think about this tasty treat? We would love to hear your thoughts below!

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