Basic Feline Nutrition

Basic Feline Nutrution

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed or certified veterinarian or medical professional. Any information taken from this blog post is purely meant for informational purposes for people who love cats. Proper medical care for your feline should be discussed with your veterinarian.

As cat parents, we think we know the ins and outs when it comes to feline nutrition. I mean, we're cat parents so we MUST know which cat food is best. In actuality, we really don't. I confess, I'm still learning and the more I look into this topic, the more shocked I am. In the next few blog posts and videos, I am going to explore and share with what I find in regards to feline nutrition and what the best diet there is for them.

History & Body Chemistry

The basic nutritional needs for our cats comes down to their predisposed genetic background. Ancestors of the domestic cat came from a desert environment where their bodies were designed to store and maintain water within their body. This environmental factor persuaded their bodies to have more concentrated urine compared to other similar mammals. This biological feature is important because the cat's water intake coincidences with their food intake. The greater amount of water found in their food, the less water they need to drink and vice versa. 

The Essentials

Not only does the percentage of water found in cat food important, but the basics such as minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats are essential for their growth and maintenance. If the cat is without these important building blocks, they can develop health issues and certain diseases and it can even result in death. 


...the basics such as minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats are essential for their growth and maintenance.


Digestive Systems

Cats have a small digestive system so they need highly digestible food. As obligate carnivores, they need food that is high in protein and fat. This allows them to rapidly burn the calories for fuel needed for hunting as well as their digestive system to process it quickly. A highly digestible food will be free of carbohydrates and filters such as potatoes, peas, corn, and/or wheat and most likely be of the wet variety versus dry. There are many great brands of food that meet this requirement of being highly digestible.


Next time you go shopping, pay attention to the back of the wet cat food can or bag and see if it contains: protein(s), fats, minerals, vitamins, and water. If it does not contain all of these essentials, the food should not be give as a main source of food, but as an occasional treat.

In the next blog post, I'll show you exactly what to look for when reading a cat or bag and help you determine which food is best.


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