Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: For Cats

Still don't know what to buy for that special cat(s) in your life? Look no further. I've complied a list of unique, small-business owned cat products for that special feline in your life. Rather than spend countless hours trying to find the most purrfect gift, I have done it for you. Happy Shopping!

 1. Spicy Tuna Roll Catnip Toy  - $17.95

Spicy Tuna Roll Catnip Cat Toy

If you are a sushi fan or love adorable human-like catnip toys, Polydactyl Cats has you covered. The Sushi Roll Catnip toy pack includes a sushi roll catnip toy and a catnip-filled sauce pack. This company has a bunch of adorable catnip toys on their Etsy site. You can find it here.

2. Cat Calm Formula  - $17.95

Cat Calm Formula Cat Product Two Crazy Cat Ladies

The Two Crazy Cat Ladies have a wealth of information about cats. Not only are they popular on Facebook with their daily cat tips videos, they also sell all natural cat products that improve your cat's well-being. My favorite product for the holiday season is the Cat Calm Formula. If your kitty has anxiety and needs some calmness in their lives, apply the formula into their water (don't worry, it's flavorless) and within 24 hours, you can see a significant difference! Find this wonderful product and much more here.

3. Sisal Rope Round Cat Bed - $144.71

Sisal Rope Cat Bed

Have a modern, minimalist home and want your cat's furniture to also be as stylish? The My Four Cats Designs team has manufactured a sisal rope bed that cats can use to nap or scratch! A nice wooden base with a metal finish on the pole, this unique cat bed is not something you can find in pet stores. They also sell catnip pillows and other adorable furniture for our feral and/or outdoor kitties. To take a look at their fantastic products, check them out here.

4. Love Cat Tower  - $295.00

Love Heart Cat Tower

Wouldn't it be great to purchase a cat tree that benefits those who have been affected by natural disasters this year? The Square Paws Love Tower shares the message of LOVE by crafting a heart-shaped cat tree and scratch posts for your kitty. It's easy to assemble and the shipping is free. This beautiful cat tree is just the tip of their creativity iceberg. Their list of handmade cat trees also includes a real sized Cat Christmas Tree and a Ferris Eheel. Absolutely amazing! Find all their neat products and this Love Cat tree here

5. Homegrown Catnip w/ Wood Grinder - $15.99

Catnip Wooden Grinder Organic Homegrown

Rocky Mountain High yourself over at Meowtain High. An Asheville, NC based company, they grow their own organic catnip and sell it as if it's a cat dispensary! This homegrown catnip with wood grinder is for the catnip enthusiast in your home. Not only do they sell this, but totes, t-shirts and kitty joints. If your kitty loves catnip, they will definitely love this homegrown herb which can be found here.

6. Window Kitty - $39.95

Window Kitty

When I lived in an apartment, my kitty always wanted to look out the window. Their desire turned into broken blinds and sometimes a weird place for my cat to sit. The creators of the Window Kitty found a solution. At an affordable price, you can easily install this in any desired window in your home. You can purchase the Window Kitty here.

7. Anchovy Snaps - $6.95

Anchovy Snaps Cat Treats

Every cat enthusiast knows MeowBox, the monthly subscription box filled with cat goodies. Did you know that they also have an online store? I happened to fall upon this interesting product, Anchovy Snaps - a delicious and all natural cat treat. They are not found in stores and have been a huge hit with their subscribers. Try some fishes.

8. Cat Champagne - $11.95


Chicken Flavored Cat Champagne

Ready to toast to the New Year? How about your kitty? Buy a bottle of Chicken Flavored Cat Champagne so that your kitty can join you on all your NYE festivities! Apollo Peak, the makers of the famous cat wines - MosCATo and Pinot Meow have two types of champagne for your cat - this one and a salmon flavored. Not found in any stores, only online, get your bottle before the NYE celebration. Bottoms up!

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