Is My Cat Depressed? - Cat Enrichment Tips

Is My Cat Depressed? - Cat Enrichment Tips - Just Cats Blog

Tabby Cat Playing with a Cat Toy

Cats can be depressed just like humans. They feel emotions just like we do and can get easily bored in their environment if they don't play or act on their natural tendencies such as hunting. I recently read a post on ten ways to tell if your cat is happy. Showing their belly, twitchy tail, and sleeping on your lap, just to name a few. Cats are very social animals and enjoy spending time with their humans, but they also very much enjoy active playtime.

Cats naturally prey, hunt and catch their kills in the wild. And yes, it may be gruesome to talk about our lovely feline friends killing another animal, but it's their natural instinct and should not be frowned upon (no discipling!). Since we have domesticated the cat and brought them into our homes, felines have lost their natural way of play, which is killing their prey.

One way to bring the nature back to the cat is 15 minutes of daily, consistent playtime. By setting a schedule to play with you cat, you are providing the activity that is so natural to them, giving them exercise and also keeping them mentally and emotionally healthy. Take out their favorite cat toys and set a timer for 15 minutes and enjoy being present with your baby while playing.

Cats can be stressed, bored and also feel depressed. By encouraging your feline friend to play with a "prey" like toy such as Da Bird cat toy,  you are enriching their lives and their environments. Catnip-filled toys also help prevent them from getting bored, but the best toys are the one where they mimic a real-life bird, butterfly, or small mouse. The movements entice the cat and activates all of their senses. Fifteen minutes of this will make a big difference in your cat's mental, emotional and physical health.

If you're cat is a littler older or pickier when it comes to toys, they might enjoy active window watching or some of my favorite Youtube channel of up-and-close of gorgeous birds and hilarious squirrels. Paul Dinning Wildlife

What enrichment does your cat enjoy? Comment below on their favorite toy!


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