The Best Water Bowl For Your Cat


Cats can be finicky when it comes to their watering hole. In the wild, cats get their hydration from the raw meat of their kill and don’t depend on a locally sourced water fountain to quench their thirst. The domestic cat, on the other hand, rely daily on clean and fresh water. Since our cats eat a mix of wet and dry food, this diet cannot stand alone without having some fresh water.  

There are a variety of water fountains and bowls on the market. I pretty much have tried everything and can give some tips on finding the right one for your feline.

Cat In Bowl

A cat’s water requirement depends on the amount of water present in its food and environmental conditions. You can chose a bowl made from plastic, ceramic or metal. A plastic and ceramic bowl are more cost efficient and come in many styles, shapes and colors. A metal bowl, even though not as stylish as some of the other bowls, is the most hygienic and best bowl for your cat. Stainless steel is easy to clean, does a good job in preventing the accumulation of bacteria and germs and avoids feline acne which can be found right below the chin.

Many senior cats develop chin acne as they get older. You will see black or red bumps under their chin overtime. Using a stainless steel bowl will help reduce the accumulation of bacteria and therefore, you will see a significant decrease of feline acne. 

What bowls do you currently use at home?

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  • One other important factor in buying a new bowl is to make sure the bowl is wide enough for their whiskers.

    Judith Clausen

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