Unboxing the KitNip Box

Disclaimer: This product review is based solely on a crazy cat mom giving a genuine review of a cat subscription box. I bought this on my own and was not paid or asked by KitNip Box to give a review. 

Earlier this year, I subscribed to one of the cat many monthly subscription boxes out there, the KitNip Box. I chose this box mainly due to the price. Compared to the other subscription boxes out there, this one was by far the cheapest. At $19.99 a box and Free Shipping, the Happy Cat box is meant for single cat households and only has a limited number of cat toys.

Here is a video that I did recently of me unboxing the KitNip Box. My reactions are genuine since I wanted to be surprised with what was inside. 

What do you think of toys that came in the box? Worth the price? Are you subscribed to a monthly cat box? Let me know your thoughts and I would love to hear your recommendations on the next box I should review!

Meow you later,

Nicole @ Just Cats

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