Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? - Just Cats Blog


Why Does My Cat Bite Me - Just Cats

By: Bonnie Begg, Just Cats Store


Is it a love bite, or something more serious?

Does this scenario sound familiar? You. Your fur kid. Couch. Netflix. They’re snuggled up on you and you start to give them some pets. Then all of a sudden, BAM! They bite you out of nowhere. “I was just giving Mr. Buttons some love and affection! What the hecks!” Or scenario number two – you’re just working away, minding your own business when out of nowhere Buster decides to bite your head. Third scenario might be during playtime. They’re high on some catnip and a little winded from all that wand play. You reach out to give some lovin’ and it’s like your hand becomes a fat piece of wild salmon.

You’re thinking to yourself, “WHY??” You’re a loving, attentive pet parent and they want for nothing, why are they biting me? Normally when your cat bites you, they are sending you a message.

Some of those messages might be:

  • “I’m just trying to be playful!”
  • “Excuse me, I need some attention!”
  • “That food smells funny.”
  • “Too may pets! Too many pets!! Back off lady!” (overstimulated)
  • “You’re scaring me.” Or “Something is stressing me out.” or “You’re playing too rough with me and I feel mistreated.”
  • “Why are you giving that other cat/dog/baby so much attention?? What about me?” (jealousy)
  • “I’m too hot/cold!” (temperature control)
  • “I’m not feeling well, please help me.”
  • “I was mistreated before I met you and I was triggered.”

Don’t fret! There are ways to solve the biting situation with a little patience and love. If you’ve had your feline friend for a while, you might recognize when their behavior seems a little off. Or, you may be familiar with certain feline traits and characteristics that can help you determine the best solution for you.

Try focusing their playful energy on cat toys, not hands. Wand toys are great, or sometimes a sturdy kicker will do the trick so they can bunny-kick their way to a nice nap. Getting a scratching post or floor scratcher is a helpful way for them to release. You can also remove them from a threatening or stressful situation, and create a calm environment for them. Are they not feeling well? It might be time for a vet visit. Whatever the situation is that’s causing your feline friend to bite, reading their body language can be an invaluable tool and possibly prevent those nips and bites. Follow their lead. Watch those tails and ears. In addition to that, LOVE is always the answer! Love them as they are and for who they are, and be patient with them. Never lash out or spray them with anything for being bad, they are acting on instinct. Cats are after all, tiny little tigers...

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