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Feliway Spray (60 mL)

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If you are planning on traveling with your cat, this spray is a definite necessity. The Feliway pheromone spray can be applied on blankets, bedding, and carriers right before heading to the vet or traveling with you cat across the country. We used this spray when we moved our 5 cats from Texas and it worked like a charm. The cats were calmer and relaxed. This spray mimics the calming and motherly pheromone that comes from a mother cat which triggers a relaxed response from most cats who use this. A great tool to also discourage bad cat behavior such as scratching and urine spraying as well!
  • Size: 60 mL spray
  • About 50 applications.
  • Clinically proven - #1 recommended brand by Veterinarians.
  • Helps with scratching and urine spraying.
  • Great for spraying inside carriers for vet visits and travel.
  • Ingredients: F3 feline facial pheromone analogue (10%) and Ethanol.