Sponge Soccer Ball Toy

Sponge Soccer Ball Toy

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Sponge Soccer Ball Toy - Just Cats

Get ready to shout, "GOOOAL!" when you roll out one of these Sponge Soccer Ball cat toys by Ethical Pet. Your star athlete will love to kick and headbutt these toys into the net—or just around your floor! That's because these multi-color soccer balls are made of a soft, foam material sure to purr-lease. Allowing your kitty to indulge in the natural instinct to stalk, hunt and explore may help to prevent boredom and frustration. That can even help you dodge common behavioral issues. And there are so many ways to play! Scatter them, use them in an interactive toy, or simply hide them around the house. Game on.

Available in single ball or 4 pack.

Key Benefits
  • Interactive, colorful balls were made to entice your kitty with a soft, foam texture.
  • Pack comes with four multi-colored toys—the more, the merrier!
  • Bright colors will be easy to see and might be less-likely to cause human slips and falls.
  • Ideal for both solo and interactive play with your VIP—that's "very important pet."
  • Encouraging her hunting instincts may avoid boredom, restlessness and behavioral issues—hide these around the house to provoke her desire to hunt.