Silver Vine For Cats

Silver Vine For Cats

Cats go absolutely crazy for catnip, but do they reciprocate the craziness with catnip's distant cousin, Silver vine? Silver vine for cats has entered the cat industry very recently and there have been a variety of different silver vine products for cat, but do we really know what it is?

Silver vine is unique plant, coming from the Actinidiaceae family, is only found in Japan and China. This thick vine produces beautiful flowers and also has edible fruit, which is really popular in Asia. For many years, silver vine has been used medicinally in Asian culture to help with different illnesses and help aleviate symptoms of certain ailments. Recently, it's been found that silver vine creates physical and mental reactions in household cats. 

Catnip products have been around for many years now. 80% of cats enjoy this fun treat  - whether its filled in a toy, or in a spray, cats can also enjoy catnip by rolling around and eating it. When exposed to catnip, cats can feel happy, calm, sleepy, excited and/or aggressive. Silver vine, has very similar reactions. When cats are exposed to it, they can also feel happy, calm, excited and overall, nuts! The difference between catnip and silver vine is the reaction and downtime as well as the percentage of cats that actually enjoy it.

As mentioned before, the majority of cats respond to catnip. There is that small percentage of the population that does not. With silver vine, that percentage gap gets much larger. More cats are not interested in silver vine than interested, but those who do like it, oh my - it's quite elevated! Out of my 5 cats, 2 reacted positive to silver vine and they went crazy! Drooling, meowing, happy and rolling around, just a tiny pinch of silver vine from the Cloud Nine toy was enough to satisfy them!

When a cat is introduced to catnip, their olfactory nerves that control their sense of smell gets stimulated for 15 minutes and eventually paralyzed for up to 2 hours. This is why you see cats get automatically disinterested in their catnip toys and then go after them later! When a cat is exposed to silver vine, their reaction time is a little longer than catnip (5-30 minutes) and can soon be re-activated 20-30 minutes later. 

There have been many new cat products that contain silver vine such as in dental cat sticks to silver vine-related cat toys. If you don't know if your kitty is into silver vine, why not try it out? Let us know below if your cat(s) are fanatics to silver vine!


  • Recently got some silver vine for my cat, Pepper, in the stick form, she showed absolutely no interest in it at all, all she did was give it sniff bash it out of her way, I ended up giving the rest to a friend both her cats went nuts with it. What a shame Pepper wasn’t in the slightest bit interested. Maybe there’s something !!!!wrong with her

  • I never knew about silver vine until I found it at your store – the catnip/silver vine blend!! The difference is visible when you introduce it to your cat. They prefer it if placed side by side to the regular catnip. It’s a must for any catnip party!


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