The Forest Gartrell Memorial Fund

The Forest Gartrell Memorial Fund | Just Cats

Our dear friend and volunteer, Forest Gartrell, passed away unexpectedly on 07/21/2022. He was a big part of the Just Cats family over the past two years. Every Sunday afternoon, he would come to the store with a bag of Temptation cat treats and spend several hours with the kitties in the Just Cats – Cat Cottage. From our shy residents to our senior cats, all of the cats adored him. Forest had this energy about him that was so kind and inviting that his visits turned from spending time with the cats to a close friendship with The Just Cats girls, Bonnie and Nicole.

He would bring lunch or desert almost every week, always wanting to make sure the team ate. His food was raved about, and he would share recipes with Nicole who also loved cooking and food just as much as he did. Forest was kind and compassionate towards us and our animals. He loved his cat Sophie very much, and would always tell us stories about her. He most recently shared a picture of her in one of his weekly emails to Nicole.

His unexpected passing has left our hearts very heavy. Just Cats knew they needed to get Sophie safely into our care because of how special she was to Forest. Sophie is safe and comfortable, and residing at the Just Cats – Cat Cottage. She is warming up to us every day as she continues to heal from the loss of her father.

To honor the memory of Forest Gartrell, the family has asked Just Cats to create a memorial fund to help kitties in need in lieu of flowers.

You can click HERE to make a donation in his memory.

We are deeply saddened by his passing and are going to miss him every day.

We love you Forest.

The Just Cats Team